Online Alchemy is a consultancy that helps practitioners set up a goodlooking, business-building website easily and inexpensively.

Gonna put up a website sometime …

If you don’t already have a website you’ve probably thought of having one and perhaps are still thinking about it … You may have considered doing it yourself because you think you can and the cost of hiring someone seems unnecessary or unaffordable. Many practitioners set up their own website by themselves very successfully just as many people do their own tax as well as an accountant. However, if you’ve been thinking about a website for awhile and you haven’t done it yet then consider using my services – the cost will more than compensate for the time and effort in doing it yourself and IT WILL BE UP THERE IN CYBERSPACE WORKING FOR YOU where it isn’t now!

Practitioner website can do so much

A website is an ideal way for a practitioner to build and promote their business with minimal investment both time and moneywise.

With a website you can:

Get people to find you

People can find you through search engines like Google or through links to your website from other people’s sites.

Describe your techniques (in how much detail you like)

You have unlimited space to describe your techniques. This means that when a client comes to see you for the first time you don’t have to spend as much time explaining what you do and they may feel more relaxed having a better idea of what to expect. You can also put links to other sites with information about the techniques you use which can especially inspire confidence if the techniques you use are not so well-known.

… alternatively

Focus less on the how and more on the results and benefits you can provide. You might feel that people will find the concept of your techniques too way out and that you might attract them better by stating the kind of results and benefits they can expect.

Present case histories and testimonials

Case histories allow potential clients to see (in however much detail you like to give) how you have guided clients through their problems which will give them confidence that you can help them with their problems. Similarly, testimonials from people you have helped inspire confidence.

Tell your story (up to a point)

People often find it fascinating to know the journey that someone follows to become a practitioner. People may feel more inclined to see you if they know you haven’t always been a perfectly functioning, superior human being dispensing aid to those less fortunate people with serious problems.

Get people to subscribe to your newsletter

A newsletter is an ideal way to keep in touch with clients and potential clients. You can let people know when you’re presenting workshops or you can simply talk about a particular psychological or health issue and how you deal with it – if this issue affects a subscriber it may prompt them to make an appointment with you.

Advertise products/workshops

If you have any products such as CDs or books you can advertise them on your site as well as workshops and other events. Your website is global so your products can be sold anywhere in the world.

Provide useful information / little exercises / audios

With a website you can write as much as you like without paying more so you can afford to present useful information without charging for it. You can provide tips, exercises and even audio meditations and demonstration videos. People are more inclined towards you when you give them something.


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